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Foyer Chandelier
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         One of the most frequently asked questions is how big should my foyer chandelier be and how high should I put it. There is no straight forward answer to that question as there is a lot of variation from foyer to foyer which may affect your choice. There are, however, a few general suggestions which are helpful as primary guidelines.

  • To figure out the width of you chandelier you should add the dimensions of your foyer together in feet (i. e. 16 + 18 = 34 inches). That will give you a fairly good estimate of size that you need.
  • As a rule of thumb your foyer chandelier should not be lower than 7 feet from the ground floor but if you have high enough ceilings (i. e. 16-18 feet) you can increase this minimum to 8-9 feet.

Foyer chandeliers are usually multitiered having at least two tiers but there are many modern lights to which this would not apply and you would have to use your intuition or seek professional advice to make a suitable selection.

Remember, although these are considered to be the industry rules of thumb they should be treated as suggested guidelines only. We have found that real installations vary considerably due to personal preferences as well as house dimensions. You can always drop by our store and ask our knowledgeable staff if you have any ideas or concerns to discuss.

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